Class Schedule


Early Bird (5 am, M-F)

We get up early, we work hard, we get worms. The 5 am class has been around since Papa was clean-shaven. Get here before the traffic does.

NEW: Late Sleeper (6:00 am, M-F)

The 5 am class sets the bar, and we raise it. We know that sleep is part of the program, and we still get finished in time to clean up before work.

NEW: Lunch Date (12:00 pm, T-Th)

For the lunchtime warrior who'd rather do something besides reheat leftovers in the breakroom microwave. Get in, get your sweat on, go home.

The Daymaker (5:30 pm, M-F)

No better way to unwind from a long day at work than slamming some bars and killing the workout. Guaranteed to help you forget about that 2-hour conference call.

NEW: Barbell Club (6:30 pm, M, T, Th, F)

Lift heavy. Lift well. Our very own USAW-affiliated barbell club is run by USAW-certified trainers.


Morning Recess (8 am, Saturday)

Start your weekend off right with some fun physical activity at the FARM. More fun than Saturday morning cartoons.

FARM Fresh (last Saturday of every month, TBD)

All new Fitness FARM members must attend a free Saturday session in their first month to go over the basics.