The Farmers

FARM stands for "Fitness As it Relates to Me". Coach Erik believes that Fitness is not something you can separate from your life. It's not just about getting to the gym. It's about having a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable, and which allows you to enjoy life to the fullest. At the Fitness FARM, each athlete is encouraged to develop physical and mental strength as well as adopt a healthier lifestyle outside the FARM.

Here's what some of our Farmers have to say about the Fitness FARM:

For years, I was afraid to lift weights or try crossfit. After being invited by a neighbor, and assured the workouts could be scaled to my fitness level, I decided to try it out for a week.

Three months later, these are the reasons I continue to show up each day at the FARM:

  1. Coach Erik- He always seems to know what you need each day and finds a way to push you to do more than you think you can do. The attention he gives to proper form is a large reason I've experienced the gains I've had in such a short time.
  2. Fellow Farmers - This group of dedicated individuals do nothing but surround you in encouragement and motivation. Everyone goes out of their way to encourage you to push yourself, even while they are digging deep to push themselves.
  3. Myself - At the end of each work out, I realize I've completed something that I didn't think I could possibly do. The FARM has helped me to realize the potential within myself that I never knew was there. I owe it to coach, the other farmers, and most importantly, myself to not backslide and continue to tap into that unrealized potential each day.

-Farmer Ben

I've been a member of the Fitness FARM for a little over a year. I've been involved in sports my whole life. When I went to college I rowed crew and lifted with my roommates. I was never really bulky, just lean and athletic. After college I lifted on my own at a handful of big name big volume gyms for about 5 years. The entire 5 years I never met any of the lifting goals I set for myself. I was never pushed or motivated by anyone to do any better. Just put your headphones in, lift what you lifted for the last 5 years and rarely talk to anyone at any of the gyms. Since joining the FARM I've never been more motivated in my life. I've hit PRs pretty much every month! I've been able to do movements I never thought my body was capable of doing (hand stands, muscle ups, double unders, and much more)! I set 4 fitness goals for myself this year. 1 free standing hand stand. 2 double under jump rope. 3. 400# dead lift. 4 300# back squat. I have completed/blown all of those out of the water. All of these, amongst other extreme challenges that have been put in front of me and my family. I attribute this to the drive and support each and every member at the FARM has shown my family and I. One thing West Coast (Erik Barnhill - owner/trainer) preaches is "Virtuosity". Doing ordinary things extraordinary. I have not only applied this to my fitness life, but my entire life!

- Farmer Cliff

For years, I have been trying to lose weight and get in shape! Coach EZE inspires me to "Believe It" about myself. I have begun to Believe I can call myself an "athlete" which is something I have never been able to do before now. More importantly, he has taught me to believe in myself; that I am worth the time and effort to take care of myself physically and mentally. He once told me, "Don't Settle for enough or even good enough. Be better than that! Be Amazing! So good that just good enough is no longer good enough for you!” And I DO Believe It!!!

- Farmer Penny

The Fitness FARM is one of Cedar Rapids’ best kept secrets, and I am fortunate to have stumbled across it! I am 42 years old and had never used free weights prior to joining the FARM. For several years, I was a member at a local gym, and I found myself struggling with three issues. There was a lack of accountability (no one cared if I went or not), a lack of variation (I got bored with my fitness routines), and a lack of knowledge (I didn’t know how to put together a fitness routine and I couldn’t afford a personal trainer). The FARM addressed all three issues. My fellow Farmers are terrific people who motivate me to consistently show up, the workout programming is different every day, and the FARM is small enough that you feel like you get the attention of a personal trainer without the hefty price tag. I have never had as much success with a fitness program as I have had with the FARM – and the results came much faster than I anticipated!

- Farmer Brian

I have been weight lifting, running, and cycling for many years and doing pretty ok with my results. Two months ago I started going to the FARM and in that time I have made more gains in core strength, agility, weight loss, and have enjoyed doing it. Coach Erik Barnhill walks you through what you will be doing, how it should be done and then assists you with the movement. Along with that is the incredible group that you workout with and the support that they provide! There is no judgment on your ability or capability, no ego's, no BS, just open, genuine support that you are there to make a difference and improve yourself! This is so different from any other gym that I have ever belonged to. I am looking forward to continued success and support from this great group of people.

- Farmer Chris