The Work

"Farmer" classes are Monday through Saturday (see here for current times). Classes generally last 60-70 minutes and adhere to the following format:

Warm up

The purpose of the warm-up is to get your muscles warm and get your heart-rate up in preparation for the workout. The warm-up is about 6-12 minutes long and usually involves only cardiovascular and body-weight exercises.

Sample warm-up
For ten minutes, do as many rounds as possible of the following:
  • 100 meter run
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 air squats


The skill portion of the class is where the entire class takes 15 to 20 minutes to work on the same movement together with the intent of increasing the level of skill and ability with that movement. Typically we focus on weightlifting movements like the clean and jerk, the snatch, and the front squat. If you've never lifted weights before, relax. Many of the farmers never lifted weights before they stepped in the door. During the skill portion of class, you'll receive critique from the coach on how to improve your form as well as encouragement from fellow farmers.

Sample skill
Work up to 80% of the heaviest back squat you've ever done, and then do five sets of three back squats at this weight.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

The workout of the day, or WOD for short, is a CrossFit-style workout consisting of a combination of functional movements, including body-weight exercises, weightlifting, cardiovascular work, and dumbbell and kettlebell movements. Workouts can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. All workouts have a scoring component, and farmers are encouraged to keep track of their scores personally so they can chart their progress. Workouts also come with a prescribed (Rx) weight for men and women to use, although the workout can always be completed with a scaled version of that weight.

There are also a special set of tribute workouts we do to remember the fallen, and those who are still struggling.

Sample WOD
In the best time possible, do the following work:
  • 12 deadlifts
  • 50 meter sprint
  • 9 deadlifts
  • 100 meter sprint
  • 6 deadlifts
  • 150 meter sprint
  • 3 deadlifts
  • 200 meter sprint

Sounds like a hoot! Where do I sign up?